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Last couple of months, I’ve been talking to authors and poets about book publicity. (Broadly, the stuff that promotes the book which you don’t pay for.)

I’ve spent 30 years working in publicity – small organisations, individuals, big household names. I’ve done difficult TV interviews, I’ve taught plenty of people how to do them.

The main things that came up from authors of all types were as follows.

How can I be interesting talking about my book?

I’m frightened people will ask me horrible questions and I will look like an idiot.

What does a publicist do?  How do I work with them, or could do it myself if I haven’t got one?

What value does publicity add? Should it be a priority?

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Many people are worried about talking about their book – whether at events, on video, or talking to a journalist. They don’t think they’re important enough or interesting enough. They are paralysed with fear of looking stupid or not being able to answer questions. Even people who are confident in other contexts can be stressed by promoting their work.

You wrote a book. You can be as interesting as you need to be! I build confidence in dealing with these events. Simple preparation tools will help answer questions.

Book marketing is in some measure, about you as well as the book. People are worried they’ll be dragged into talking about things they don’t want to. How do you keep good boundaries?

I assure you, and I will show you, that you have far more control than you think -Including freedom to decide what events you do!

Many people don’t know how book publicity works – and what it can and cannot do. The basic information is straightforward – although experience and contacts and some tricks of the trade make a big difference.

I explain how it works, how you can work with a publicist if you have one through your publisher, and whether and when it’s worth hiring one…

What works? What’s a good use of your time?

Most people buy books based on more than one mention of the book. A few paid for activities deliver measurable results.  I’m optimistic I can help you, particularly with how you feel about doing this. Publicity won’t sell 100,000 copies. On the other hand, it is more people who know about your book.

What are the stories in the book

What are the stories about the book

What are the stories about me and my writing

And how can I use the ones I want to promote it.

My Media Masterclass

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I run two different types of workshop.

A one-hour group introduction to book publicity which gives you the basics. It’s on Zoom. There’s some opportunity for questions. I welcome contacts from existing groups. This is currently free although I circulate a tip link!

I also run an in-depth 1-2-1 focusing on your personal needs and questions. Currently this is £50 an hour (by Paypal) and includes some handy factsheets.

Email me about either.

I’m open to doing these face-to-face. Additional cost to be discussed. I like doing this convenient for British time, and also, I know the UK market better than elsewhere. But I’m open to wider engagement.

Author: Stephen Cox

London PR consultant and interim, with 30 years experience across not for profit sector. Former Great Ormond Street Hospital/Chelsea and Westminster. Critically acclaimed novels Our Child of the Stars (2019), praised by Guardian, FT, Daily Mail and Grazia, and Our Child of Two Worlds (2022)

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