Events, Podcasts, Selected Written Interviews

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Interview with Texas based writer and blogger Suanne Schafer

Interview with Paul Semel

Videos and Podcasts oh my! (More coming in next six weeks)

Interview with Francis Sealey of GlobalNet21 covering both books (30 mins) drawing out the value of SF to imagine more optimistic futures, the broader issues raised in the book how we treat each other and the planet.

My YouTube Channel has some short videos looking at Fun, the US launch, why Cory matters, etc. 

Under Playlist pre2022 material, the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club video is worth watching (17 minutes) Super Relaxed Fantasy Club video. During lockdown this London based but wider minded group asked lots of authors to do them a film. I talk about the book; I read from an exciting things blow up chapter; and from 10:43 onwards about ‘wanting’ to be a writer, men writing women, and other stuff.  Revel in the technical skill (had to do a second take for second half.)

I was on the SFFChroncast talking about various things. We had a very long chat about the books at 58 minutes into the show. (I also talked about Fritz Leiber, the industry, agents, etc etc.) 

Pre 2022

What makes us human? A talk with fellow author Adrian J Walker and academic Anna Macfarlane at Cymera, the Scottish SFF festival.  

Webinar – half an hour interview with Enfield local website – where I move my head too much.  Also, need to remember to say the book is fun and uplifting at the start of the interview.

Brit Lit podcast. Why Sixties is a great time to set a novel, and why we need independent bookshops.