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Our Child of the Stars headed the Guardian’s list of top forthcoming SFF novels 11 Jan. They found ‘…new energy thanks to some sympathetic characterisation and fine storytelling’

Interzone (not available online) found it ‘wholly fresh and intensely gripping.  Highly recommended reading.’

SciFiNow rated it a MustReadNow and concluded ‘[T]here is a message and clear parallels to where we are as a society now, but Our Child of the Stars also works beautifully as a heartfelt, richly imaginative and gripping story in its own right.’

Grazia compared me to Stephen King.  ‘Part ET, part Wonder, part Snow Child, it has the same combination of science fiction and heart-tugging tenderness that Stephen King does so well.’

Tremendous review in an unusual place

“We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon”

That’s a line from Joni Mitchell’s song Woodstock about the legendary festival in 1969, and it’s clearly inspired this throat-lumpingly moving sci-fi drama.

We’re in that year in a small town where Molly Myers is a nurse.  She and hubby Gene have issues about the loss of a child – but things are about to change.

A meteor strikes and Molly’s called into action treating the injured at the overstretched hospital. Among the patients brought in, is a strange looking child who’s been hauled in from the wreckage of a spacecraft.

Molly quickly takes him under his wing and names him Cory.  But Cory is an alien and has special powers – powers that in that horrifying era of Cold War could attract the attentions of the military.

Who can Molly and Gene trust? What does Cory mean for her relationship with Gene and for the planet?

With pace, tension and atmosphere and prose that pulls you along, you’ll be itching to see Cory and co on the big screen.  An out of this world winner.” (Weekend Sport)