My two novels are Our Child of the Stars (2019), and Our Child of Two Worlds (2022). I talk about craft, creativity, publishing and life – and whatever else rocks my socks. I am working on a novel and a novella. Check out my free fiction. I also offer services for creatives – just ask, don’t be afraid. I just launched my Media Masterclass for creatives

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About the books

In the books, Molly is the main narrative voice – a passionate nurse fighting for her own extraordinary child. Cory is gentle, vibrant, excitable, endlessly curious, and loving – and both joy and danger comes from his otherworldly origins. The books are deeply interested in people, families, relationships, but the story also challenges us about how we treat each other and how we treat the planet.

Our Child of the Stars. In the year of Woodstock and the moon landings, childless couple Gene and Molly save a wounded child from the stars and call him Cory. How can they keep him safe unless they keep him a secret?

More about Our Child of the Stars

In Our Child of Two Worlds, the whole world knows about Cory. The Earth is in danger and his people must come to help. Yet Molly fears they will take Cory away – how much would you do to save your son?

More about Our Child of Two Worlds

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Praise for both books

“Beautiful and tender. I really love the characters… there is so much empathy and warmth and humanity.” (Patricia, actor)

“Our Child of the Stars is one of my favourite books of all time. The sequel, Our Child of Two Worlds is a fantastic story, told so well.” (Kate, For Winter Nights)

“Riveting, compelling, and emotionally charged: a page turner I loved” (Annarella, Scrapping and Playing)

“Fiercely intelligent, engaged … Our Child of Two Worlds is moving, exciting and deeply readable.” (David, Blue Book Balloon)

A wonderful sequel to Our Child of the Stars, featuring one of my favourite characters – the strange, kind, alien child Cory, who knows danger is coming.” (Kate, Wet Dark and Wild)

“Cory is very different to us, but he also embodies what’s best about humanity. He encourages humanity to rise above the dark side of our nature.” Alistair, Red Train Blog