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Here are some favourite stories of mine online or to download. All (c) all rights reserved throughout space and time. Use to train AI and I will feed you to giant bats.  Accessibility: message me if want in different format.

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STORIES OUTSIDE THE CORYVERSE (the world of Our Child of the Stars)

Murder in the Hospital

A murder mystery set in a post apocalyptic England. Min is Freetown’s doctor, who must find who brutally killed one of her patients.

The Art of Mending with Gold

Above Pop, the burning bowl of the cloudless sky, in every direction parched earth and dusty trees, and rocks striped with colour long before there were men.  The old man looked at the empty road, from the empty diner, believing he was alone.

The year of shouting a lot
On Saturday morning, early and dark, Kitten heard a crash. Her Monsters, Inc. clock said five and a bit, which was very, very early.

The Lamb Chops. (In Lightspeed)
A queer romance in modern London

1957 (Apex Magazine).
This is one of my favourite stories and got much love (and some grumbles) online. It won an Honorary Mention in the Year’s Best Science Fiction 2016 [Ed. Gardner Dozois]. Most positive reviews suggested reading it twice. Some sexual content.

And Andrea Johnson interviewed me about it
Yes Our Child of the Stars used to be called something else.

The Last Day of the Moon

Today they’d take down the moon. Megan walked home past the cold playing fields, watching the few clouds scurry away. At least they might have a clear view, this last time. She loved the moon and she couldn’t understand why it had to go.

Truth is the daughter of Time 

The Prime Minister’s right hand man wants to know what those scientists did with the money…

Commissioned story – The Magic Flute

Here is a commissioned story from the Inventive Podcast which interprets engineering through accessible fiction, poetry and other art.

This was inspired by a project to make hearing aids better. So I wrote about a singer who can’t hear the flute.

(26 minutes in – but the whole podcast gives context)


Gloria or How Cory met his dog Meteor  – (This is set between between the penultimate and the final chapters of Our Child of the Stars. Mild spoilers for first book and none for Our Child of Two Worlds)   

Ice and Roses.  Alexi had plans but duty calls him to the strange events in the frozen NW of the USSR.  (These are cut scenes of the Russian parts of Our Child of the Stars. Spoilers, Our Child of the Stars.)

The Town Meeting – The Myers face an unpleasant confrontation. (Subscribe to my newsletter to get the link. This is set between between the penultimate and final chapters of Our Child of the Stars. Mild spoilers for first book and none for Our Child of Two Worlds)