Author communications

I set up my own website, GDPR-compliant email newsletter, and social media presence.  I can tell you all the smart questions to ask.  Or, I could do it for you.  I am a successful senior communications professional

Evaluation, advice, mentoring, strategy

I got an agent with my second novel. We sold it in a two-book deal.

I try to help other writers through the blog and when I can, by answering the odd question/ pointing you in the direction of useful advice.

I will evaluate your whole manuscript.  This is my opinion on setting, character, plot… It is not a fine copy-edit, but I will bring up sentence level issues by example.  I will read contemporary fiction, YA, science fiction, fantasy, weird. Middle grade children’s.  I don’t generally read horror, new cosy mysteries, romance-sold-as-romance, or younger children’s.  (All these are fine, it’s about what I feel able to advise on.)

Towards success

I think traditional publishing, high quality indie publishing, and crowdfunding publishing can all be good routes.  Understanding your real personal success criteria helps to be a more contented author.   Book me for a strategy session.

For people submitting to UK agents I will evaluate your agent letter, synopsis and first three chapters.  For people submitting to US agents, I am happy to critique synopsis and pages.

Mentoring, a focused discussion about your aims and how you might achieve them

I can give talks or run workshops for groups.

I consider ‘write for hire’ projects.

Or, if you have something else you want a debut novelist to do for you, email me.

I am committed to helping disadvantaged people but I have only limited capacity to work for free and I will do this in a structured way. If you are on a low income drop me an email: there are schemes around to offer your manuscript a professional critique for free. 

Complimentary services offered by my partner

My partner has a degree in History from Oxford, was brought up by a Professor of English at UCL, and worked for many years as an academic librarian and bookseller.

She will proof-read, and I know from experience she is pedantic and exact, which is what you need.

She will beta read contemporary fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, erotica (no BDSM).


I shortly hope to offer good-value audio-book reading