Thirty years leading comms in big organisations like Great Ormond Street for Children, Chelsea and Westminster, and a well known consumer campaign. Working with individuals and small groups.

How can I help you with…

‘Being interesting’. Doing a confident interview, or “Q and A”. Working with a publicist. Doing it yourself. Getting out of a hole. Knowing what the value is.

Stephen Cox Media Masterclass

Is your book working? Would you like a published author’s advice?

It is easy to get too close to your text to know if it works – at the page, chapter, or story level. It is too easy to spend time fiddling when there are bigger problems you cannot see. Get an experienced writer to assess it.

I will review/assess:

Novels – fantasy, science fiction, contemporary and historical, thrillers, YA. Try me.          (Whole manuscript – recommended – or first 10,000)

I don’t read children’s, cozy mysteries, misery memoir. Nothing wrong with these, just don’t read enough to help.

Short stories

Non-fiction – depending on subject.


I offer Zoom meetings to discuss your writing and publishing issues.

I think traditional publishing, high quality indie publishing, and crowdfunding publishing can all be good routes.  Understanding your real personal success criteria helps to be a more contented author.   Book me for a strategy session.

For people submitting to UK agents I will evaluate your agent letter, synopsis and first three chapters.  For people submitting to US agents, I am happy to critique synopsis and pages

I can review your agent querying process and documents

I do write to commission.  I can show examples

I do other work for hire.

I have thirty years’ experience as a communications professional so honestly, suggest a project and I’ll quote if I am suitable and interested.

I do talks and workshops for groups.

Here is the nitty gritty. But feel free to email questions.

More detailed terms and conditions.